Tuesday, 19 February 2013

FashionShrewd on Instagram

Just a few snap shots from my instagram. These shots consists of some of my current favourite accessories, my love of all things gold and ofcourse my everlasting love for hot chocolate lol.

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Monday, 18 February 2013


Last week, I had to pop out to dinner for a few hours. Despite feeling so ill and needing a break from the outside world. I already made a promise and could not back out. I looked for an outfit that didn't need ironing and my over-sized clutch bag from Internacionale became for safety blanket for the night. Before I knew it, I was feeling more upbeat and busting out a few cheeky poses lol. Fresh air does a body good.

Monday, 4 February 2013


Just when I thought British weather couldn't surprise me anymore than it already does, I am proven wrong. Day started relatively cold, hence the faux fur coat (no, I am NOT a pimp lol). I was out for just under 20 mins and out comes the sun (jumps up for joy). I wasn't walking too far, so I thought I would go all Victoria Beckham on y'all and step out in heels. As high as these heels look, they are actually quite comfortable, thanks to the hidden platforms. Anyway, the sun wasn't out for too long because just an hour later, and I was rushing to get into my coat. British weather is such a tease :-(


The older I get the more my style evolves, I've found myself moving towards unique patterns such as floral, aztec. etc. Dealing with this cold and wet british weather can be veryo depressing, so colours and patterns are a great way to lighten up my mood. I'm also developing an obssession with ankle strap heels (you should see my shoe collection). These pair are a total BARGAIN from new look. I bought them via asos HERE. Great thing about ASOS is if you are a UK buyer, you get the option of a FREE delivery and FREE returns. So don't miss out. Have a great week ;-)


I had a day off on saturday and I had this crazy notion that I would actually have a "day off". Before I knew it, all ideas of lying in bed disappeared, and I was being dragged off to london. I only had a short time to get ready, so I threw this outfit together as I was feeling quite dark and dangerous lol (joking). Anyway, hope you all had a great weekend and didn't party too hard. Ahh monday *le sigh*.